Card Packages

Below are downloadable artwork templates for Ejectors and Card Digifiles, to be submitted for print, and design templates that can be used as an aid in designing.

Make sure that your files are according to Artwork Check List
and that the order is placed using Ejector Order Form or Card Digifile Order Form.

Print Template
Print Template
Print Template
“CD Size” Ejector

Size 140 x 120 mm
Adapted for CD display racks,
with larger printable area.

Print Template, Standard Version Print Template, Booklet Version Design Template (not for print)
“Retail Size” Ejector

Size 130 x 98 mm
Adapted for retail hanger systems
and standard envelopes

Print Template, Standard Version Design Template (not for print)
Card Digifile

Size 140 x 125 mm, with 2 mm spine.
Simple Card Folder, with die-cut card holder.

Print Template, Standard Version