Success Stories

Swedish Telecom Operator’s Gift Card Sales increased by 2373%
The month after Sweden’s #1 telecom provider Telia introduced JakeBox “Ejector” gift card packages (and JakeBox POS design) in their stores, the number of gift cards sold increased more than twentyfold, 2373%, compared to the same month the previous year. 

JakeBox gets Record Label’s songs played on radio
Independent UK record label Horus Music got a boom in airtime for their songs after starting to send out radio promos in JakeBoxes. Label manager Nick Dunn says it’s remarkable how much their songs suddenly were played on the radio. JakeBox does not take credit for the songs being played, but to get the chance to be played, the radio station DJs must get an impulse to put that particular disc in the player (out of all the discs they get on a daily basis). And this impulse is what JakeBox certainly does deliver. 

One Ejector sold for every third IKEA Gift Card
Since IKEA’s German webshop began offering Ejectors as an additional option for gift cards, every third card sold is sold with an Ejector, for an additional 2 EUR.

Lamborghini press kits sold on eBay at €20 per unit
The visitors at Frankfurt Car Show collected JakeBox presskits for Lamborghini and later sold them second hand on eBay at 20 EUR a piece!

Ark limited edition sold out in one day
The third and fourth album from Swedish rock icons The Ark were sold in a limited JakeBox edition alongside the regular jewel case edition. Distributor ENS notes that the JakeBox edition was sold out in a single day.

MIDEM Sampler cleaned out
Visitors at MIDEM went wild over Bonnier Amigos’s sampler, cleaning out the stock completely. CEO Ludvig Werner admits they clearly underestimated the demand for their JakeBox clad sampler.