Cool Quotes

“I haven’t seen anything that displays the card as nicely as this!”
Giftango CEO David Nelsen

“CD Packaging just got sexy again”
Michael Boucher, Mindtwitch 

“Everyone’s really impressed with this format.”
Charlotte Gaffikin, Universal Music

“WOW! Seriously, it looks amazing. I honestly think it looks incredible. It has undeniable ‘punch’. Being objective, we need the packaging to secure an additional minute or so of the recipients time. When you’re addressing major editors you have no more than 10 seconds or so of their valuable time initially, just the time it takes them to open an envelope and judge ‘interesting’ or ‘garbage’. The JakeBox packaging delivers, perfectly.”
Martin Curtis, The Blacksmoke Organisation

“C’est absolument génial, ce truc ! Faut que tous les artistes y passent!”

“We love the packaging. It’s very innovative and environmentally exactly what we were looking for in a low carbon product.”
Kenny Young, producer, Artist Project Earth

“The most environmentally friendly CD case available in the world”.
MSN Music UK

“You put the music into another level! Your quality pays tribute to the goddess of music!! Everything is so professional. Thank you!
Manuel Jensa, MadCityRockers

“The feedback has been very positive… people described the design as “incredible”!”
Keir, The Danger Global Warming Project 

“We were looking for something a little cool, sexy and different, packaging-wise for this release. JakeBox ticked all the boxes.”
Andrew Daw, Universal Music (Rolling Stones)

“Superbly conceived and produced, creating a remarkable design. As the recipient lifts the front, the skilfully folded section in the center opens and pushes the CD forward in such an engaging manner that it is tempting to want to repeat the process again and again.”
Carolyn Knight and Jessica Glaser, Sticky Graphics

“Die JakeBox gefällt uns extrem gut, wir sind begeistert!! Auch die schnelle und unkomplizierte Abwicklung und Produktion hat uns hell begeistert!
Schaffner & Conzelmann advertising agency, Basel, Switzerland

“The JakeBox is an amazing and clever construction, a perfect solution for all CD’s” “an ingenious folding construction to keep the CD in place…”

“The prettiest presskit on the whole Frankfurt car show”
KMS Kafitz Medienservice / Lamborghini 

“Vom schön-beschaulichen Stockholm aus will die “ Jakebox” Ihren Siegeszug durch die Welt der Medienverpackungen antreten. Und die Chancen stehen gar nicht mal schlecht!”
Karsten Kasparek, Oomoxx Media

“I just want to say a huge THANK YOU. We just received two out of three Jakeboxes and they look fantastic. Great job. You’ve been extremely prompt and reactive, and very patient too! So thank you from everybody here and there is no doubt we will work together again in the future.”
Emma Bernabei, Art Director, B Cosmetic
“Die Boxen sind rechtzeitig eingetroffen und sehen hervorragend aus. Danke noch einmal für ihre Hilfe und den netten Support. Wir sind alle sehr zufrieden.“
Alexander Stein, Koch Media GmbH
“They are simply marvellous !!!!!“
Roberto Mammarella, Avantgarde Music

“Super Ergebnis, gefällt mir wirklich sehr. Wunderbar!“
Armin Steiner, Metal Blade Records Gmbh

“Sie gefallen uns sehr gut! War wirklich eine super Sache für diesen Zweck.“
Johannes Natterer, JoWooD Productions

“What were you on when you came up with this?? And where can I get it?”
David Skårsjö, Inventor / Engineer / Constructor