Print Effects

Any existing print effect is available for JakeBox products, even those not mentioned below. From UV lacquer and spot UV, to hotfoil, embossing, debossing, pantone colours, special die-cutting, holograms or lasercutting. The sky and your budget is the limit. Please contact us if you have inquiries.

Hot Foil

Shiny gold or silver foil (or any other colour for that matter) on any text or shape.

Spot UV lacquer

High gloss UV highlighting of chosen texts or shapes, leaving the rest matt or semi-gloss.


Selected parts, texts or other shapes, pressed up higher than the surrounding material.


Text or shapes pressed down lower than the surrounding material.

Reversed Board

Printed “inside  out” with the uncoated, rough side of the board out, for an extra rough and “eco” touch.

Laser Cutting

Fine shapes or text, cut out of the material.