Printed as you wish, from basic 4C to any special print effect, like hot foil, embossing etc. Available in two standard sizes, “CD” size, and “Retail” size, but size can also be customized. And the shape can be adapted to standard retail hanger racks and Euro hooks.
The Ejector is also available in a range of preprinted designsWe can also provide cellophane bags, cards, envelopes, display racks and other additional products.

“CD size” Ejector

“CD” Size (140 x 120 mm)

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“Retail size” Ejector

Smaller size, (130 x 98 mm)

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JakeBox Ejector for Gift Cards, generic designs
Preprinted Ejectors

Our growing range of pre-printed off-the-shelf Ejectors.
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Ejectors for USB sticks

Ejector pack with die-cuts to hold a USB stick. Can be customized
to hold anything that is relatively flat.

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Ejector w Euro Hanger

with detachable die-cut hanger for Euro hooks.

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Ejectors for Bank Notes

Ejector with die cuts for bank notes or other flat paper objects.