Additional Card Products

On demand, we develop and/or provide almost any other product that is related to gift cards, that enhance the sale of gift cards and gift card packages. For example display racks, cellobags, envelopes and of course cards.

Display Racks

We offer a few standard display racks and POS designs, but can vary them infinitely or design new ones on demand to fit specific needs.


Any kind of CR80 card, with or without magstripes, barcodes etc. Even in carton.


With our without Euroholes for hangers, self-adhesive sealing etc

POS Services

We can help you with store layout & design and POS material that boosts gift card sales.

Gift Card Strategy

Gift card packaging is not something that needs to be give away for free. It can be a great extra source of extra revenue at the same time as it adds value to the gift card. Our track record shows we can help you with strategies that boost sales volumes, increases revenue and profitability on your gift card business.