Sony Playstation Network goes JakeBox

JakeBox has delivered its first order for Sony Playstation – a media kit to promote Sony’s Playstation Network and all the games and services it offers. It has now been distributed to thousands of UK journalists within the games, entertainment and lifestyle press.

“The reason we chose Jakebox is the simple fact that it is quite different. It really grabbed our attention.” says Tim Smith of GR/DD, the award-winning design agency behind the colourful kit. “We also felt that the quirky and fun nature of the JakeBox suited well the ethos and branding of PlayStation Network.” Both GR/DD and Sony also have the environment in mind and so Jakebox suited these requirements too.

The production is a collaboration between JakeBox and their most successful UK reseller HDC Media Group.

“It’s not our biggest order”, says JakeBox CEO Jakob Skarin, “but being a supplier to Sony Playstation is quite a merit on the games market, so we are very happy by their choice, and hoping this will open it up a bit more.”

The disc itself contained many assets related to Network games and services, including screenshots, videos and press releases. An interactive was designed and built by GR/DD to allow journalists to access these assets in an engaging yet simple way, enabling them to pick and choose the relevant game / service assets for their publication / article. So the Jakebox houses the heart of the kit, but is still very much an interesting facet to the kit in it’s own right.

“The client was very happy with our solution and both Sony and ourselves are very happy with the final product”, says Tim Smith.