Dai Nippon first Asian Licensee

JakeBox has sold it’s first license in Japan, to leading printing corporation Dai Nippon (DNP).”Origami is the one of the traditional crafts in Japan, and there is a clear connection between Origami and JakeBox”, says Mr. Shunji Yano, who will be in charge of the JakeBox business at Dai Nippon.

“There are many advantages with JakeBox that attract the consumers’ interest” says Mr. Yano.”The innovative design, the feature that keeps the disc from falling out, the simplicity in handling the discs, especially for the elderly or disabled. It’s also environmentally friendly, so it will certainly create a favourable corporate image for DNP.”

“This is definitely a break-through for us”, says JakeBox CEO Jakob Skarin. “Japanese companies are well known for their thorough research before investing, so getting the green light from such a renowned company as DNP is proof that the JakeBox concept is considered very bankable.”

DNP will market JakeBox for sales promotion, commercial discs and cover-mounts, offering a complete concept, with discs in the most appropriate packaging, refraining from the non-value added price competition. According to Mr. Yano, JakeBox meets these requirements perfectly.

“People are also getting more and more environmentally conscious. And JakeBox is made entirely from renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable raw material. DNP will also propose to develop new packaging concepts in cooperation with JakeBox in the near future.”