Introducing the New Clever Concepts “FlowerBox” and “TwistBox”

JakeBox is currently introducing two new packaging concepts on the gift card market, both delivered flat and both popping up into 3D boxes with ingenious and attractive closing devices with flowery shapes. It’s the “FlowerBox”, with a rounded flowery top, and the “TwistBox” with a twisted closing device.
An extra amazing feature with the TwistBox is that is does not appear to be big enough to contain a CR80 card, since both length, width and height are smaller than the width of the card, which enhances the surprise. The trick is to place the card standing, diagonally, inside the box.
But the most amazing feature is the price, and the simplicity in shipping, storing and handling. Both these concepts cost less than they appear to, and are very easy to handle since they are delivered flat.