The Patents

The JakeBox concepts are patented or patent pending worldwide.

The patents are very strong, since they protect the function and not the specific design, which means that there is no way to circumvent the patent by altering the design or adding features to it. This has been confirmed by several independent patent attorneys.

JakeBox has a contingency fee agreement with law firms specialized in infringement cases, to avoid high initial costs for law suits, to protect licensees.

Patent numbers are,
for disc packages:
SE 0203675-PCT/SE2003/001944
PCT WO 2004/052752 A1
EPO 1 594 767 B1
JP 4266927 (app no 2004 558972)
CN 200380105773.6
US 10/538,849
For card packages:
SE 1100257-3
US 14/009,147
CN 201280014409.8
EPO EP/PCT 12768088.2
Registered Community Design M12001EU


Our Licensing Offer

On the the global market, JakeBox does not intent to compete with established packaging companies. Instead, the strong patents enable us to offer licenses to companies that wish to add JakeBox to their line of products.

The offer contains the licensed and protected right to produce jakeboxes, along with the know-how and specially developed equipment where applicable.

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