General Requirements

  1. Disc master should be submitted either as physical disc, or uploaded on ftp according to CD master instructions or
    DVD master instructions
  2. For uploaded master, be sure to include checksum
  3. Upload on our ftp http://jakebox.com/upload, password: customerupload

    Physical masters should be sent to
    GZ Digital Media, a.s.
    att Lucie Roškotová
    Tovární 340
    CZ-267 12 Loděnice
    Czech Republic

    Mark the parcel and disc “JakeBox”

  4. The copyright declaration must be filled in and emailed, with receipt of ncb / biem / Buma / Stemra payment, and track list, with track duration, to customprint@jakebox.com
  5. Disc label artwork should be submitted as high definition pdf/X1 files, based on Disc Label print template and complying to the following:
  6. Only objects to be printed should be included and visible in the artwork. All other objects and layers – guides, dimensions, etc should be deleted.
  7. File settings and all objects in CMYK mode, unless Pantone or other print is specifically ordered.
  8. Total colour saturation (C+M+Y+K) should be maximum 300%.
  9. ICC profile should not be embedded.
  10. All images 300 dpi, CMYK.



  1. All crucial text, images and design objects should be placed within the ”text safe” area, minimum 3 mm clear of edges.
  2. To enable JakeBox to make final artwork amendments, all text objects should be converted into vector paths, fonts should not be attached separately or embedded.

File should be checked the file in Acrobat’s Output Preview and Preflight (under the ”Advanced” menu) to make sure that there are no technical errors, before sending it to us. 

A basic check-up of points 1 – 5 above is included in the price. Should the artwork not comply to these, amendment services and/or handling of amendments will be provided by JakeBox at an hourly fee of 90 EUR.

Other points are only recommendations for best result, and are not included in the artwork check-up made by JakeBox. JakeBox will not be responsible for the consequences of non-compliance to these recommendations.

Submission of Artwork

Artwork files less than 10 mb should be sent by email to your contact at JakeBox, or to customprint@jakebox.com. Files larger than 10mb should be uploaded on http://jakebox.com/upload, password: customerupload