General Requirements

  1. The JakeBox artwork should be submitted as high definition pdf/X1 files, based on CD JakeBox print templates or DVD JakeBox Templates and complying to the following:
  2. The patent statement “PATENTED PACKAGE CONCEPT BY JAKEBOX AB, SWEDEN. WWW.JAKEBOX.COM” clearly, legibly but discretely printed somewhere on a visible part of the package. (“www.jakebox.com” may be omitted by separate written agreement with JakeBox AB.)
  3. Only objects to be printed – design objects and crop marks – should be included and visible in the artwork. All other objects and layers – guides, dimensions, etc should be deleted.
  4. File settings and all objects in CMYK mode. The artwork should not include any spot colour plates or other channels besides CMYK, unless that is specifically ordered.
  5. Total colour saturation (C+M+Y+K) should be maximum 300%.
  6. ICC profile should not be embedded. 
  7. Minimum 3 mm bleed on all printed surfaces, including the claw, and over creases bordering to glue areas.
  8. All images 300 dpi, CMYK.
  9. All transparencies, effects etc should be flattened or rasterized.




  1. All crucial text, images and design objects should be placed within the ”text safe” area, minimum 3 mm clear of edges and claw areas.
  2. To enable JakeBox to make final artwork amendments, all text objects should be converted into vector paths, fonts should not be attached separately or embedded.
  3. On designs with custom printed claws, avoid lines that cross from page 2 of the jacket on to the claw, since there is a 1-2 mm tolerance on the placement of the claw.
  4. File should be checked the file in Acrobat’s Output Preview and Preflight (under the ”Advanced” menu) to make sure that there are no technical errors, before sending it to us.

A basic check-up against general requirements is included in the price. Should the artwork not comply to these, amendment services and/or handling of amendments will be provided by JakeBox at an hourly fee of 90 EUR.

Other points are only recommendations for best result, and are not included in the artwork check-up made by JakeBox. JakeBox will not be responsible for the consequences of non-compliance to these recommendations.

Submission of Artwork

If the artwork files are maximum 10 Mb they can be emailed to customprint@jakebox.com or info@jakebox.com.

In case they are larger, they can be uploaded on artwork upload page
Password: customerupload
Please make sure multiple files are stuffed or zipped and named with project name.